Wedding Premium [eng]

80,00 IVA esclusa

Photo site of a single event and a single day + personalized Photoevent URL

Each single gallery has a private link / URL that can be customized without time, capacity and references from other companies or brands. Example:

+ Custom Photoevent url
+ Password protection (free option)
+ Categorization on photographer indications (event schedule).
+ Logo, of the photographer
+ 2 revisions included.
+ Up to 300 images

After payment, follow these 4 simple instructions

1. Attach the logo or a horizontal banner 500x250px preferably in JPG or PNG format
2. Write your Name and your telephone number in the Wetransfer message
3. Attach a schedule or the event program to make categorization more precise.

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Wedding Premium | Your wedding photo-gallery site at only €80


Photoevent is an innovative digital album, unbeatable for aesthetics, functionality and cost!

For the newlyweds it is a practical, easy and safe system to view the photo shoot on Smart-TV with their friends or share it with a simple link to send.

Do you want to send photos from your PC or Mac?

Write your e-mail below and we will send you the message containing the instructions to send us the photos from your PC or Mac.


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